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Summer 2018 Update for Southern Oregon Deep Sea Fishing

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Weather has been very good this summer(for the most part).

According to Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, there has been much greater sport rockfish trip efforts than this time last year.

Due to this extra impact on rockfish ODF&W have reduced the near shore sport rock fish bag limit to four rockfish. You can still catch two lingcod. This has an impact on everyone and we don’t like this reduction in limits.

We are offering the long leader mid water rock fishing as an alternative. The cost is more, $125.00, but the sport rockfish limit is ten! Yes, you can catch 10 Rock Fish using the long leader method! We have fewer people on the boat (12 to 14) as it is more labor intensive, we travel farther out off shore, about 4 to 5 miles and fuel costs are higher…

a bird sitting on top of a wooden fenceThis is how it works… We drop a 2 lb. Cannonball down to the bottom (300’) and 30’ above we start setting hooks and work 3 hooks with shrimp flies another 30’ up and hold them in position with a float. This fishery keeps the fisherman away from the fish which is protected (yellow eye rockfish). You are not allowed to keep the ling cod on these trips, but the good thing is you can catch up to 10 rockfish! Frequent caught varieties are Canary, Yellowtail, deacon, and Bocaccio Rockfish. They are all delicious eating!

Please consider going out on one of these mid water fishing trips. Give us a call at 541 888-9021 or go to our online calendar to book one of these plentiful catch trips!

At Betty Kay Charters we want to make sure that we have the date you’re looking for. Please take a minute to check out our Calendar. We’ll be very happy to take your booking. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a fabulous and memorable time fishing with our friendly Captains, and we’ll make sure you get your safety instructions and are comfortable on the water.

All first-timers welcome! Please give us a call at 800.752.6303 if you’d like to learn more. Or read all about us by clicking on our website Betty Kay Charters. We’re located at 90389 Albacore Avenue (don’t you love it?) in Charleston, Oregon and we’re looking forward to sharing the wonders of the ocean with you.

See you soon!

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