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August 1st of 1990, Bill & Margery Whitmer bought Betty Kay Charters.

We are pleased to announce the sale of Betty Kay Charters to Kurt & Gayleen Smith!

Kurt & Gayleen have officially bought Betty Kay Charters on August 9th, of 2018. We have great confidence in Kurt to run our charters boats and Gayleen to operate our charter office. Kurt and Gayleen have worked for Betty Kay Charters for the last 16 years and are very involved and aware of the day to day business functions. We are thrilled they have stepped forward to accept this exciting venture and know they will strive to offer a great fishing experience from the first phone call to getting helpful fishing tips on the boat to great catches!!

What a good time we have had creating fun, adventure and seeing great catches of rock fish, halibut, salmon & tuna throughout the years. Thanks to everyone that helped make our lives richer, our business grow and ALL the FUN!!” – Bill & Margery” -Bill & Margery

Southern Oregon Coast Deep Sea Fishing with Betty Kay Charters will be the Same as Always!

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Everything will pretty much be staying the same, the web pagewww.bettykaycharters.comFacebook, phone number 541 888-9021 and email

Captain Kurt and Gayleen want you to call 541 888-9021 directly to make reservations. Or, book online through the Fareharbor Book Now link on thewebsite at any time of day or night, instead of trying to make contact through email or face book. Office hours are now 9am to 4pm for making reservations directly and getting fishing information!

Latest Deep Sea Fishing Updates in Southern Oregon

The nearshore fishing remains strong with nice grade of rockfish being caught as well as good lingcod catches. There has been a strong impact on the sport rockfish quota, so ODF&W have reduced the sport bag limit to 4 rockfish per day and still 2 lingcod.

To offset the impact of the rockfish quota, ODF&W have established a long leader fishery where you are allowed 10 rockfish. Gear is kept 30’ off the bottom out in deeper water where other species of rockfish like; yellow tail, canary, & brown rockfish are caught. These are very good eating fish and they limit the fishers to 12 as it is more labor intensive for the crew. The cost is a little more, but you get the chance to catch more rockfish and stay out longer as they go farther offshore, 300 to 350 feet for these long leader trips.

We are still waiting to see more salmon caught before making salmon fishing trips.

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As for albacore tuna fishing; this year has turned out to be hot and cold. Captain Kurt has canceled the next few trips as the warm water has withdrawn. Captain Kurt will keep a watch on the warm sea temperature where the tuna is caught, so hopefully the other trips planned will be able to go!

We will be making the long leader rockfish trips through October and the near shore rock fishing, if the quota is still not met. Hopefully there will be salmon trips and more tuna trips ahead for you our valued customers.September and October are great times of the year for relaxing ocean fishing!

So, please join Kurt & Gayleen Smith in making more fun family memories fishing with Betty Kay Charters!
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Betty Kay Charters is Located at 90389 Albacore Avenue in Charleston, Oregon.

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