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Deepsea Fishing Charters

Charleston | Oregon


Half Day Rock Fishing trip

Finding a map of Charleston, Oregon, is easy. Knowing the contours of the sea floor takes experience. The Shamrock has been riding the waves out of Charleston for many years. We know where the sea mounts and trenches are. We have a lot of eyes on the ocean so we know where the rock cod, tuna, salmon, and halibut are swimming. We know where they like to hide so come over to Betty Kay Fishing Charters and let’s go say hello!

There’s a lot to putting a boat in the ocean and then catching fish, and then getting them back to shore clean and fresh. A constant watch on the sea temperatures, talking with commercial fishers, maintaining and upgrading boat equipment, and even getting the right personnel to man your trip adds up to success. Betty Kay Fishing Charters prides itself on success and that translates to fish. Whether your looking to catch tuna, salmon, rock cod, or halibut Betty Kay has a ton of experience and we are here to make sure you benefit from it. Book your trip now. Let’s go fishing!

Join us for one of our deepsea charters on the beautiful Southern Oregon ocean waters at Coos Bay/Charleston. We are located 9 miles west of Coos Bay at Charleston Harbor, NOT in Coos Bay.