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Let’s have the best Deep Sea Fishing Season Ever in 2018 with Betty Kay Charters!

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Summer is here and looking back to the great catches of spring rock fish & halibut, I can’t help but anticipate the same for summer fishing!

We are looking forward to great offshore (20 to 50 miles) albacore tuna fishing, the nearshore rockfish & ling cod catches and where are the salmon? July, August & September are the months for prime salmon fishing. When we see salmon carried up the dock we’ll make a call out from our salmon list! Come tuna and salmon to our waters!

Something new and exciting for Bill & Margery Whitmer is coming! We are happy to share with you that long time office staff Gaylene, and longtime captain Kurt Smith have decided to buy our business! Yes, we are under shared management through the next few months until legal documents can be processed! After having our business on the market for over a year, Capt. Kurt & Gaylene have decided to make the commitment. We are confident that this new management/service will maintain the Betty Kay Charters mission of “Your Pleasure and Great Catches is our business”. Because of Captain Kurt & Gaylene’s dedication to Betty Kay Charters; giving our fishing customers the best quality fishing experience; encouragement to the sea sick, tips on fishing, sharing his lunch, making sure you are on the fish and having great catches or giving hot cocoa to a fisher kid returning cold from a fishing trip, much of Betty Kay Charters success is credited through the years by Captain Kurt & Gayleen Smith!

Look to see some creative innovations with the new owners Kurt & Gaylene! Who knows, crabbing & Clamming trips in the fall/winter? What about 18 hr tuna trips, or heading out at dusk for star gazing on a quiet stellar clear night? Who knows, maybe you can view the near shore reefs & pinnacles via video monitor/ pro/camera while under way with a Simpson’s reef nature tour.

As for Bill & Margery, they are not retiring. Retiring is a fading word in our language. More and more people can relate to “career change” than retiring. They will stay in this area, the beautiful Southern Oregon coast. Bill will be in the maintenance mode with rentals and making 4 oz. Diamond jigs for Betty Kay Charters. Margery hopes to volunteer at the Charleston Visitor’s Center along with catch up in gardening and everything else!

At Betty Kay want to make sure that we have the date you’re looking for, please check out our Calendar and we’ll be very happy to take your booking. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a fabulous and memorable time fishing with our friendly Captains, and we’ll make sure you get your safety instructions and are comfortable on the water. All first-timers welcome!

Please give us a call at 800.752.6303 if you’d like to learn more and also check out our website… Betty Kay Charters.

We’re located at 90389 Albacore Avenue in Charleston, Oregon and we’re looking forward to sharing the wonders of the ocean with you.

See you soon, we hope! -Betty Kay

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