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In just a few days, because we appreciate all of the wonderful customers we have in Charleston, Oregon, the town is celebrating you on Saturday, May 19th, with discounts all over the place! This special pricing is for all of our terrific regular locals and all of you who have made it a point to visit our beautiful community.

At Betty Kay Charters we’re delighted to offer you 10% off our Ocean Rock fishing trips all through the entire month of May, Monday through Thursday. When you book your excursion, just please mention where you found this offer, either on our website, or on another website, or on Facebook or wherever you came across this … and us!
To see some of the great businesses also offering discounts, just click here. Merchant Discounts. And, of course, there’s more to do than shop when you visit Charleston, if you can tear yourself away from the stores. We have some of the best restaurants and if you like to golf, this is your spot. And, oh, the views! As it says on the visitors’ website, “Charleston is Oregon’s Adventure Coast’s gateway to outstanding ocean beaches, state parks, and stunning untouched scenery.” Come and visit. You just might make us your yearly destination.

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At Betty Kay we’re well into our 2018 season, so to make sure that we have the date you’re looking for, please check out our calendar and we’ll be very happy to take your booking. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a fabulous and memorable time fishing with our friendly Captains, and we’ll make sure you get your safety instructions and are comfortable on the water. All first-timers welcome! Please give us a call at 800.752.6303 if you’d like to learn more. Or read all about us by clicking on our website Betty Kay Charters. We’re located at 90389 Albacore Avenue (don’t you love it?) in Charleston, Oregon and we’re looking forward to sharing the wonders of the ocean with you.

See you soon!

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